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42 Questions

The last ten years have been chaotic, rewarding, exhausting, and remarkable years for The Olive Tree. We have loved every step of this journey and are so very thankful to you, our community for your support. Your time, talents and donations have made all that we do possible and it’s an honor to be able to serve.

Join us as we do a quick and informative tour around The Olive Tree and Reclaim in the form of Vogue’s 73 Questions in hopes of keeping you up-to-date on our goals and accomplishments over the last decade.

News & Publications


Sweet Deal For Local Non-Profits

Meridian Source 

By Jeannette Benoit-Leipert

March 14, 2024


Battle Of Badges Game A Nailbiter

Meridian Source 

By Jeannette Benoit-Leipert

March 13, 2024

Misty Mountains




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